UNPLUG’s New Line Up Making Waves in Town.

UNPLUG’s New Line Up

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UNPLUG has been on a hot streak since it started, and now they’ve brought in 5 new flavours for fans to try. Just like the original 10 UNPLUG flavours, these new ones are special and you won’t find them in any other ASDF products.

Let’s take a closer look and discover these new tasty options.


1.       Grape Pear

The combination of grape mixed with the sweetness of a juicy pear creates a fruity and slightly sweet taste. The Grape Pear flavour is a delightful blend of the two fruits, offering a unique and enjoyable taste experience.


2.       Pineapple Apple

Imagine combining the tropical, tangy goodness of pineapple with the sweet flavour of apple. The combination provides a refreshing and fruity experience, incorporating the best of both fruits.


3.       Orange Mango Guava

The combination of the zesty & citrusy taste of oranges, the tropical sweetness of mangoes, and the distinct flavour of guava produces a fruity explosion that tastes like a tropical fruit party!


4.       Choco Mint Candy

Choco mint candy flavour combines the creamy richness of chocolate with a hint of refreshing mint, resulting in a flavour that’s both comforting and exciting, similar to biting into chocolate mint candies..


5.       Rybena Lychee

Imagine the sweet and floral flavour of lychee paired with the fruity goodness of blackcurrant. The result is a delightful blend that is both sweet and refreshing, providing an experience similar to drinking the famous beverage with a twist of lychee, resulting in a delicious and exotic flavour.

So, there you go! UNPLUG has something for everyone. These new flavours ensure every puff is a tasty adventure. So why not give them a try and discover your new favourite flavour?

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