SYNX: Alternative option for Cigarette

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SYNX: Alternative option for Cigarette

Quit Smoking with SYNX

If you are trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, SYNX would be your best companion. SYNX comes with a 10 flavour line up. SYNX upped their game by providing end user choices to make between Sweetened SYNXpod or Unsweetened SYNXpod with the same Throat-Hit satisfaction. The similar experience of throat-hit, helps cigarette smokers to switch to SYNX and ease one’s Quit Smoking journey to be clean from tobacco. 

What’s about SYNX Sweetened & SYNX Unsweetened?

The goal is to portray all SYNXpod  varieties as a single brand, reinforcing the fact that people can enjoy sweetened SYNXpod taste and satisfying throat-hit with a less sweeter version which is SYNX Unsweetened. SYNX Sweetened & SYNX Unsweetened are simply customized choices for smokers who at times want less sweet versions rather than switching to different brands.

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SYNX Sweetened or SYNX Unsweetened? Which is better?

SYNX has a vested interest in creating a SYNXpod Sweetened variety that mirrors its sweetness offering as a way to keep SYNX loyal users associated with ASDF SYNX. End users who prefer less sweet would opt for SYNXpod Unsweetened as it gives the same flavorful experience as they inhale each puff without compromising the satisfying throat-hit. 

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Thus,in the debate between SYNX Sweetened and SYNX Unsweetened it’s best to simply go with the one that fits your preference.

Power of Purchasing In Your Hands

SYNX is now available all over Malaysia and ASDF makes your life easier, since you can always purchase it through our official website & ENJOY 10% off on your first purchase. It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

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