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Retro Havoc 2023: Encore Unlimited,

brought to you by ASDF, was the highly anticipated automotive event held at Bandar Malaysia Runway in Kuala Lumpur on December 2nd, 2023. The event witnessed over a thousand distinctive cars and bikes filling the runway, open for public viewing from 10 am until midnight. The gathering drew more than 20,000 car enthusiasts, traveling from different parts of Malaysia and neighboring countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and beyond.

The event’s main attraction was the Drift Show, featuring skilled pro-drift racers demonstrating their impressive skills to captivate the audience. Attendees had the chance to ride along with the pros during the ‘Drift Taxi’ segment, offering a taste of the thrilling drifting experience. ATV rides were also available for spectators who wanted an adrenaline rush. Pop-up booths were set up, allowing visitors to inquire about the services provided and purchase merchandise, and food trucks served delicious foods and beverages, making the event wholesome.

However, right at the start of the runway, among the displayed cars and bikes, something exceptional was staged.

ASDF introduced an interactive hub known as the ASDF Cabin. This innovative approach aimed to provide visitors with an exclusive and immersive experience, leaving them eager for what ASDF has in store for the future. The ASDF Cabin was ingeniously assembled from three shipping container frames, to form the core structure of the cabin.

Presenting our full range of products, from Vapetape to our newest creation, UNPLUG was a surprise for many of our loyal supporters and customers. This unveiling aimed to ensure the finest user experience for all. Displaying the yet-to-be-released UNPLUG as well as the sweetened version of SYNXpods, attracted numerous visitors, granting them the exclusive opportunity for a first-hand look at the product, available here first at Retro Havoc 2023: Encore Unlimited.

That’s not all!

At Retro Havoc 2023: Encore Unlimited, we unveiled ASDF’s newest clothing series! A dedicated section within the ASDF Cabin showcased our trendy and stylish streetwear collection. The reaction? Mind-blowing!

Hundreds of visitors swarmed into the ASDF Cabin to explore ASDF’s streetwear series. Thanks to the incredible support, we’ve sold over half of our stock!

As evening fell, ASDF took the visitor experience up a notch by welcoming ASDF’s brand ambassadors, Beto Kusyairy, Balan Kash, Ikmal Amry & Nim 199 to our booth. The ambassadors graced the ASDF Cabin, engaging in a ‘Meet & Greet’ session with the event attendees. They then joined the official unveiling of ASDF’s SYNX commercial and teaser of UNPLUG. On the main stage, this followed a short interview session with the event’s emcees, Peter Hugh Davis & Arahman aka BamMan.

The event concluded with all the participating cars and bikes taking center stage for a final ‘roll out’. With thunderous engine roars and explosive exhaust pipes, the event came to a thrilling end, marking another triumphant achievement for ASDF.

Retro Havoc 2023: Encore Unlimited is not the final pit stop for 2023. Do keep yourself updated via our social media platforms on upcoming events and other exciting announcements.

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