ASDF: Premier Sponsor of MOTORMANIAC Encore – The Ultimate Car Enthusiast Destination


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At a recent spectacle held at the MYTOWN shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, MOTORMANIAC Encore Edition burst into life, drawing fervent automotive enthusiasts from across the region. ASDF, renowned for its innovative smoking alternatives, proudly took its place as a sponsor of this exhilarating event.


Our involvement in MOTORMANIAC transcended mere sponsorship, it represented a shared celebration of passions. At the core of this experience was ASDF’s unwavering dedication to delivering pioneering moments. We thoughtfully curated a selection of innovative smoking alternative products for attendees to explore, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to quality and satisfaction.


In an effort to infuse star power, ASDF orchestrated an exclusive Meet and Greet session with two of ASDF’s Brand Ambassadors: Nim Azath, a professional drifter and motor enthusiast, and Beto Kusyairy, a distinguished actor. Their active participation in the automotive and entertainment realms added an extra layer of charm to the event.


Beyond showcasing products and personalities, ASDF ensured that the event would remain etched in attendees’ memories. Our booth buzzed with activities that resonated with the attendees, echoing the pulse of the automotive world. We left an indelible mark on those who attended, underscoring the idea that ASDF embodies more than just smoking alternative products; it’s a lifestyle and a passion.


To catch a glimpse of the event, we invite you to explore the photos and videos below. For additional highlights, we encourage you to visit our official social media platforms. Your journey into the world of ASDF is just beginning. Stay updated on the latest developments in our product line and keep a lookout for details on our upcoming events.

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